How to Create a Second Ad Account on Facebook

Facebook offers a powerful advertising platform that allows businesses to reach their target audience effectively. If you want to expand your advertising efforts or manage multiple campaigns, creating a second ad account on Facebook can be a great solution. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to create a second ad account on Facebook.

Step 1: Log into Your Facebook Account

First, log into your existing Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you will need to create a personal account before proceeding.

Step 2: Navigate to Ads Manager

Once you’re logged in, click on the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the screen. From the menu, select “Manage Ads” or “Ads Manager.” This will take you to the Ads Manager dashboard.

Step 3: Access Account Settings

In the Ads Manager dashboard, locate the left-hand menu and click on “Settings.” This will open the Account Settings page.

Step 4: Add a New Ad Account

On the Account Settings page, scroll down until you find the “Ad Accounts” section. Click on the “Add” button next to the “Ad Accounts” heading.

Step 5: Choose an Ad Account Type

A pop-up window will appear with two options: “Create a New Ad Account” and “Request Access to an Ad Account.” Since you want to create a second ad account, select “Create a New Ad Account” and click “Next.”

Step 6: Set Up Your New Ad Account

Fill in the required information for your new ad account, including the account name and time zone. You can also choose to add a payment method at this stage. Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, click “Create Ad Account.”

Step 7: Confirm Your Email Address

Facebook will send a confirmation email to the address associated with your Facebook account. Open the email and click on the confirmation link to verify your email address.

Step 8: Assign People to the Ad Account

After confirming your email, return to the Ads Manager dashboard. Click on the “Assign People” button next to your new ad account. This will allow you to grant access to other individuals who will be managing the ad account.

Step 9: Set Up Payment Method

If you haven’t added a payment method during the account setup, you can do so now. Click on the “Payment Settings” tab in the Account Settings page to add a payment method for your new ad account.

Step 10: Start Creating Ads

Once you have set up your second ad account, you can start creating ads. Navigate back to the Ads Manager dashboard and click on the “Create” button to begin building your ad campaigns.

Remember, managing multiple ad accounts requires organization and careful planning. It’s essential to keep track of each account’s performance, budget, and objectives. Facebook’s Ads Manager provides a centralized platform to monitor and optimize your advertising efforts.

If you want to create your own Business Manager account, you can follow the steps on this guide. If you want to buy an existing one, you can check out some websites that offer verified Business Manager accounts for sale, such as

Creating a second ad account on Facebook allows you to separate campaigns, target different audiences, and allocate budgets more efficiently. By following these steps, you can expand your advertising reach and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Now that you know how to create a second ad account on Facebook, you can take your advertising strategy to the next level. Start exploring the possibilities and reach new audiences with your targeted ads.

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